Family law refers to litigation cases that make use of a body of statutes and case precedents in determining the legal responsibilities between individuals who share a domestic obligation and responsibility. Cases usually involve parties who are blood-related or by marriage and that law proceedings come about as a result of the termination of a marriage. Because the nature of family cases can be emotionally upsetting, litigants are strongly advised to retain a legal counsel.


A lawyer that specializes on family law is called Family law attorney and his/her main legal responsibility is to help his/her client file for separation or divorce, alimony, child custody, visitation, and child support. Annulment cases are also handled by a family law attorney. The lawyer can also settle property disputes, which is a common issue in a troubled marriage. That's why, before marriage, a smart couple hires a lawyer to draft a prenuptial agreement, since they are aware that premarital agreements can be enforced during a divorce proceeding and, with that, the property distribution, including financial support, is easily decided and enacted.


Family law also covers cases on physical and emotional abuse in a family; however, the legal proceeding does not just cover on domestic abuse within the immediate family, between current or former spouses and their children, but it can also take cases of domestic abuse on an elderly member. When reported allegations of abuse are made, the court can issue a restraining order to prevent further contact and abuse on the alleged victim.  Check out for more info about lawyers.



In contested family law cases, the ennis law firm attorney will investigate scrupulously on the assets or income of his/her client's spouse, who is trying to hide and present arguments, with respect to child support and visitation. That's why the issue of child custody is a common dispute in the family court. Decisions on child custody can be difficult following a breakup or divorce, knowing that there is concern with the safety, education, and overall well-being of the children. It is in the best interests of the child or children that an experienced judge will fairly decide in favor of the child/children in a custody proceeding. The court can assign legal and physical custody to one of the parents or the rights can be shared, such that an agreed schedule will allow the child to spend weekends, summers, alternating holidays with the non-custodial parent. And with respect to the child's financial support, the calculation will take into account the respective incomes of both parents, cost of health insurance for the child, etc. There are, however, modification proceedings made on child support, for instance, due to loss of employment, a parent becoming disabled, moving, etc.